Geography Lab
at Concord University

Peer-reviewed Publications

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Other Publications

1. Saladyga, T., T. Carter, J. Cline, M. J. Cook, K. Maiolo, A. Miller, C. Perkins, P. Proko’yeva, S. Stockton, J. Watkins, and J. Watkins. 2019. Fire history at New River Gorge National River: Backus Mountain, Endless Wall, and Glade Creek (Babcock) . Natural Resource Report NPS/NERI/NRR—2019/1898. National Park Service, Fort Collins, Colorado.

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3. Nanticoke Restoration Work Group (T. Saladyga – GIS support).  2009.  Nanticoke River Watershed Restoration Plan.  Delaware Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Control and US Environmental Protection Agency Wetland Program.
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5. Saladyga, T.  2006.  Native Understory and Invasive Plant Response to Fire in a Mixed-hardwood Forest, Chester County, Pennsylvania.  Master’s thesis, West Chester University, West Chester, Pennsylvania.  Dr. Joan M. Welch, advisor.